The Pelsue Falcon is the lightweight, low-profile SATCOM solution that keeps your team connected even in the most challenging environments. All you need is a power source, and the Falcon gives you access to the world.


Take the Flyaway Kit Anywhere


The Pelsue Flyaway Kit is made to operate anywhere your job leads you.

Tested and trusted by wildland firefighters, search-and-rescue operations, large-scale event coordinators, and everyone in between, the Falcon brings high speed voice and internet connectivity where you need it. All it takes is one person to set up the unit and a power source to plug into.

Making SATCOM Simpler


Auto-acquire & self-pointing technology for maximum ease-of-use.

The Pelsue Flyaway Kit makes it easier and faster to connect to the networks you need. In emergency situations, getting your network up and operating quickly is crucial. The team at Pelsue designed the Flyaway Kit to be set up in less than 10 minutes by a single operator, ensuring you establish communications quickly.

Streamline your satellite communications when it matters most with the Pelsue Flyaway Kit.

Connect in Harsh Environments


Harsh environments test your equipment.

The Pelsue Flyaway Kit rises to occasion, operating at all altitudes and in all climates. Your network should keep up with you, wherever you’re asked to go. Whether challenged by extreme environments or events that strain existing voice and data networks, the Pelsue Flyaway Kit rises above.

Get the satellite connection that performs when you need it.

Key Features

In just two easy-to-carry cases, the Pelsue Flyaway Kit is a snap for any work vehicle to accommodate and any team member to handle.

Flyaway Kit Key Feature 1

Deploy the Flyaway Kit in less than 10 minutes, even in rough environments with intuitive setup procedures from the engineers at Pelsue.

Flyaway Kit Key Feature 2

Get reliable WiFi for your team through the Peluse Flyaway Kit, which allows you to connect to all major networks wherever you go.

Flyaway Kit Key Feature 3

Once it’s set up, the Pelsue Flyaway Kit is able to orient itself and acquire networks independently, making it easy to establish communications

Flyaway Kit Key Feature 4

Why Choose the Flyaway Kit?


Get a robust, reliable satellite connection without having to worry about towing anything.


Provide maximum coverage with your team by allowing them to connect to any major carrier.


Ensure continuity of connection when geography and demand threaten the capacity of other networks.


Keep vital communication links available to your entire team when conditions and safety demand you keep in touch.