From the front lines of wildfires to crowded events, the Pelsue MDS Link is the self-contained SATCOM solution that keeps vital networks active when outside factors threaten to cut off communication. Stay connected when you need it most with the Pelsue MDS Link.


A Network Wherever Your Vehicle Can Go

MDS Open v2

When your job takes you past your network’s limits, take your network with you.

You’re called on to do the hard things: fight fires, conduct search and rescue, head into remote areas, and work amid crushing crowds and strained networks. The Pelsue MDS Link enables you to bring your networks with you, giving you and your crew a secure line of communication wherever you go. 

Easy to transport, set up, and connect to, the Pelsue MDS Link makes sure you can maintain continuity of coverage when your job gets especially difficult.  

Fast and Easy Deployment

Pelsue MCT Link

A powerful remote network that just needs one person to set up.

Whatever the size of your team, and whatever circumstances you find yourselves in, the faster you can deploy your SATCOM setup, the better. The Pelsue MDS Link is designed to be both ultra-portable and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for any crew that needs reliable voice and internet service.

The MDS Link takes a single person less than ten minutes to fully deploy and it’s portability and ease of storage ensures even small work vehicles can accommodate it.

Reliable Emergency Communications

MDS Link

Keep communications lines open when terrestrial networks aren’t enough.

The situations that tend to strain existing networks are the same situations where your team’s communications are crucial. The success of operations during emergencies, disasters, or network surges depends on you being able to reach everyone you’re counting on.

The Pelsue MDS Link gives you secure, dependable access to all major networks, with VOIP and Wi-Fi to allow everyone on your team the ability to relay information without worrying about being caught in a dead zone.

Key Features

The Pelsue MDS Link unit includes a gasoline generator with an extra five-gallon fuel tank so it can go where the grid doesn’t reach.

Pelsue MCT Link Generator

Connect multiple devices to multiple networks, including all major carriers, to ensure every member of your team has the coverage they need.

MDS Link 2

The Pelsue MDS Link is designed to allow one person to easily load, unload, and deploy the whole unit in minutes, making positioning the unit simple.

MDS Storage

Designed to function at any altitude and in any climate, the Pelsue MDS Link is the SATCOM solution you can count on wherever the job takes you.

MDS Link Tower

Why Choose the MDS Link?


With the included generator, the MDS Link is ready to go wherever and whenever you need it.


The ability to connect to multiple major networks ensures broad coverage for your team.


Made in Colorado, the MDS Link is backed by decades of Pelsue experience and knowledge.


A single person can deploy the MDS Link in minutes, aiding speedy response in emergencies.